Destination Management

With such diversification and so many historical references, the country creates the perfect setting for most unusual Special Events. Do your clients wish to take an active part in the sweet scented tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights, help to solve the dark shadowed mystery with Agatha Christie, be personally invited by the Ottoman Sovereign to his private court, sit with Homer to contemplate the ruined city of Troy, wander with Cleopatra along her private beach sanded by the Romans with the sand specially brought for her from the Nile, and what not?...

Just ask for it and set the budget: no project is too ambitious for Baroque Tours who looks forward to the challange to design, develop and substantiate either the classical or the most fanciful projects and much more, even those forcing the habitual frontiers of imagination, with fiction overcoming reality, however always with your client in the picture!


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