Zeugma Mosaics Museum

Zeugma Mosaics Museum

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One of the largest buildings of Hierapolis Ancient Town was the Roman Bath. Since 1984 this building has been used as the Hierapolis Archeology Museum. Alongside works of art from the excavations at Hierapolis are finds from Laodicea, Colossae, Tripolis, Attuda and other towns of the Lycus (Çürüksu ) Valley.

In addition, the Museum has a large section devoted to artifacts found at Beycesultan Höyük that includes some of the most beautiful examples of Bronze Age crafts.

Material which has come the surface in the Caria, Pisidia and Lydia regions are also on display in the museum. The Museum’s exhibition space consists of the three closed areas of the Hierapolis Bath and the open areas on the eastern side which are known to have been the library and the gymnasium.

Many of the large exhibits and all the small exhibits are shown in rooms A, B and C that were the three closed sections of the bath. Marble and other stone artifacts are exhibited in the garden.

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